A notebook bulletin board
tacked on when randomly bored
applied thoughts in a scribblebook
open for the world to look who passes by
so fast to see like a needle in a haystack we
safely stash those innermost secrets thought to be
at least you see languishing up and into pristine
blossoms for you to pick and sniff and hope
they don't make you sick.



What if the stars themselves eject planets.

One by one, over periods of time so long that we are hard- 

pressed to measure the incremental aeons, our Sun gives birth, 

one after another, to planetary seeds, which by a centrifugal force, 

gradually move outward from their Parent Star.   By the time

they arrive to the sixth stage of their growth, they undergo trans-

formation into the 1st Gas Giant phase; then, after another 

interminable period, the 2nd Gas Giant phase; then the 3rd; 

then finally they end up where Neptune is now; and ultimately, 

are spat out as plutinos, to be ejected past the Kuiper belt and 

eventually gathered in their final resting placethat graveyard 

of hundreds of thousands of spent planetoidsthe Oort Cloud. 


Paradox Lighthouse

A fundamental reason we have been met with silence in our search for extraterrestrial civilizations may be due to the lack of there being any such thing as space. 

All living creations (including ourselves and any so-called extraterrestrial civilizations) exist solely throughout time.   

This seems to be what Einstein has been trying to tell us with his theory of general relativity. It has been mentioned that he referenced time and space as not being separate from one another, but it was actually Hermann Minkowski who alluded to "spacetime" in an effort to fuse the two terms together. 

The minor problem with this approach is simply that it neglects to take the idea to its furthest logical conclusion.  Which is merely that nothing in our existence appears to be separate from anything else.  To home in on two specific concepts, or words, rather: "time" and "space," and to declare them as being one thing, is to deny the concurrent revelation that so too does everything in our universe appear to be part of a singularity. 

Even our ancient scriptures allude to this fact in tales about the Garden of Eden, in which Adam, the first man, was said to have begun naming things individually.  "Tree."  "Goat." "Lion." "Leaf." "River." "Sky." "Clouds." "Star." "Worm." "Feet." "Eye." "Hand." "Rain." "Blood." "Mountain." "Insect." "Wolf." "Snake." "Air." "Body." "Ground." "God." All of these things are words.  Together they form language. Language represents a signifier to describe the world upon which we have found ourselves existing.  "Time."  "Space."  

These are just words. To comprehend what they really signify, we must perforce always keep in mind that before our forefather(s) came up with them, all was one.  Creation. The universe. A singularity. And it yet remains this way today. Somehow exploding across a void.  Growing exponentially or in an otherwise unimaginable manner.  Try to describe it.  We've been doing that since the beginning. 

If everything is "one thing", as has been hinted at by suggesting time and space aren't separate, then it should become clearer as to why there exists such troubling questions in science as the Fermi Paradox.  

The reason we have met with endless "radio silence" involves simplicity itself. It's merely that we don't actually exist in space.  We exist across time.  

Think of time in the same manner in which we've generally been given to think of space.  Think that space is really time, and not space.  See, because every planet is spinning.  Each spin equals a day. Every revolution of a planet about its local star equals a year.  That is the physical manifestation of time.... Which we normally think of as "space."  

It's easier if we think of space as being that which does not exist.  Think of it more as interstellar space, along those lines.  The vacuum at absolute zero.  Nothingness.  In order for our something to exist, it is necessary for nothing to have existed before. Our something counterbalances that nothing. We're not given to understand that naturally, but it doesn't matter. 

It is the greatest mystery our species has ever confronted.  The explanation for how we came to be in the first place. Remember that "explanation" is also just a word. Let us not forget there may not be any explanation for how this universe and ourselves came to be.  Not simply because we are the ones positing the questions, although that has a lot to do with it. More to the point, it is because the mystery is worshipped.   Even the word "holy" means "whole."  

Explanations such as the one I am attempting to write are a human construct. That does not mean we are fundamentally incapable of assessing the truth.  One reason for this may be that at the heart of quantum reality lies paradox.  (Another word we invented.) Yet it serves the same purpose as any word.  It is a placeholder to point the way toward gleaning something we do not really comprehend. 

In the case of quantum paradox, it's not that difficult to make the leap and conclude that truth itself appears paradoxical to us.  Another way of saying this is that the truth is paradox. That is part of the reason I was led to come up with what I've labelled my 'Law of Inversion'.  A method by which we may understand the world around us and ourselves better by simply applying a counterintuitive approach to anything we wish to know more accurately.  That is how I came to realize that space is actually time and time is actually space (and not the other way around as popular understanding would have it).  

The guiding beacon of paradox has illuminated many dark corners of my mind. It has helped  me to see how when stargazing, we are not looking "out" so much as we're gazing "in."  

Just look at the stars in there.  You are gazing at the core of our cosmos.  In an expanding universe, our current domain becomes more like the outer skin.  Our own sky is a skin; a membrane containing the oxygen and other elements necessary for us to breathe and sustain life. 

The real reason we will never make contact with so-called extraterrestrial civilizations may really be because they, and we ourselves, exist solely across time.  We are of separate domains. There being no such thing as space. 

Perhaps the only contact we are destined to make may be with oblivion itself. Meanwhile, we are granted an entire lifetime of opportunity to make contact with one another. If you really think about it enough, you should be able to see as clearly as me that there are plenty of additional terrestrials here on Earth, with exotic customs and attributes which should more than qualify them as being the real extra terrestrials.  

If you really want to know how we could possibly make contact with the so-called "alien civilizations" not of this Earth which in fact have and will continue to exist, look no further than our own dreams when we lie down to sleep each night. 

Even science has figured out our planet has a magnetosphere, and our local star has its astrosphere.  Science with its extreme narrow-minded specialization has probed all of these areas with much success, as we all know, but it seems hard-pressed to expand the parameters of its focus to include the wider picture. That is where we may each step in to help guide science along. 

As for myself, I don't need anyone else's confirmation that during the daytime, we human beings are effectively and momentarily trapped in between the two celestial magnets of our Sun and home planet; nor do I need any verification that during the night, when we lie ourselves down to sleep and dream, we are necessarily and temporarily placed outside these two magnets. 

I don't need anyone to tell me that the majority of our ordinary lives are spent in automated rituals wherein we behave far more like robots than we'd each personally like to admit.  That's an observation anyone could make if they thought about it. 

We've been asleep while living our lives most of the time we've spent here, that's all. It's time we wake up and start really dreaming. 

Imagine what we might accomplish here on this one planet at the exact center of creation if we simply realized our permanent solitude as a species here on Earth may be the one commonality we share with all those advanced civilizations in or out there which obviously came before us and will also come to be after we're long gone.  

All that we humans have for company here in the cosmos may be each other if you really think about it. 

If you continue to think about it we should see that it's more than enough. All of our sacred writings and belief systems have been trying desperately to tell us this. 

Rest assured we are certainly not alone in this universe.  If you want to make extra terrestrial contact just close your eyes and go to sleep.  

Our minds may be the radio telescopes we need to make actual contact in our very dreams.  And that is not meant ironically.  So listen to your dreams and stargaze more often.  The songs out there are each tuned to a different vibration across the electromagnetic spectrum.   

The stars are literally singing to us their long lost lonely songs. 

If we are to make contact with any sentient beings before oblivion claims us, if you ask me, we must turn to each other in this war-torn, troubled world and simply reach out our hands to one another. 

May peace eventually reach all nations and human brethren during our lifetime.  Let us not squander our brief span of existence here.  

Instead let us turn to each other and accept ourselves for who we are:  the next in line to grace the spotlight of the center stage of creation in this solitary and evolving cosmos. 

It happens to be our turn to shine.