A notebook bulletin board
tacked on when randomly bored
applied thoughts in a scribblebook
open for the world to look who passes by
so fast to see like a needle in a haystack we
safely stash those innermost secrets thought to be
at least you see languishing up and into pristine
blossoms for you to pick and sniff and hope
they don't make you sick.


Fermi Jackpot

Just suppose that I've hit upon the bull's nose here, try searching online for the answer to the question of whether we have detected radio waves here on Earth or don't - ("Yeah - it's called X-96 Maaan") - you won't find anything except for entries to the Fermi Paradox , FAQs about SETI, and the usual stuff about far away radio signals from other galaxies.

Next search questions:

Can we convert radio waves into smaller  (light) waves?
Convert radio waves by shortening them

This brought up the rectenna:  a device for converting radio waves to electricity!

I may have my answer to Fermi's Paradox!

Fermi's Question: 

"Where is everybody?"

My Answer: 

"Everybody is in the form of longer wavelengths - i.e, radio waves."

I might add:

"If we could somehow convert those particular radio waves, by rewinding them until they were shorter in length, they should eventually be rendered back into visible light images, should they not?"


  1. " Possible answers to the Fermi paradox

    In general, solutions to Fermi's paradox come down to:

    Life is difficult to start and to evolve to an intelligent and technologically advanced stage and we're the only one in the galaxy.
    Advanced civilizations destroy themselves on short timescales.
    As the revised Drake equation solution (N<<1) shows, it seems that hopefuly, the first solution is the answer.

    Here is a list of the various assumptions along with notes pointing to related problems and contradictions.

    They are here unobserved

    They were here and they left material evidence:

    UFO's, alien artifacts, ancient astronauts. Problem: evidence for aliens is non-existent.
    Zoo scenario

    The aliens are here and they are keeping us in a well designed zoo (cut off from all contact) or there is an treaty preventing contact with young races. Problem: this scenario can't be tested. Only one ET could break the embargo.
    They are us

    Humans are the descendents of previous alien civilizations. Problem: where are the original aliens? where are all the other alien civilizations?
    They exist but...

    They didn't have enough time to reach us

    The speed of light slows communications and makes space travel too long. Extraterrestrial's messages may not have reached us yet. Problem: the galaxy exist for billions of years, even if one ET civilization formed a few million years before us, the galaxy would be already filled with Bracewell-Von Neumann probes.
    They are sending signals, but we do not know how to listen.

    The galaxy is filled with killer robots looking for signals. ET is keeping low. Problem: no evidence of berserkers coming after us.
    They have no desire to communicate

    ET has no interest in communicating with lesser intelligences. Problem: with millions of possible civilizations, some of the extraterrestrial ones would be interested in our species:.

    Civilizations only have a limited lifetime, they are all dead.
    Dangerous particle physics
    Nanobots -> the gray goo problem
    They developed different mathematics

    Mathematics is the universal language, but humans may have a unique system of mathematics that ET cannot understand. Problem: then where are those incomprehensible signals?
    They do not exist because

    We are the first in the galaxy

    Life is new to the galaxy and evolution takes time. We are the first intelligent civilization. Problem: the Sun being an average star, if other stars formed a million years ahead of us, then they would be a million years ahead of us technologically speaking.
    Planets with the right conditions are rare

    Habitable zones, proper orbit for liquid water are rare
    The galaxy is a dangerous place (asteroid impacts, gamma-ray bursters, etc)
    The Earth/Moon system is unique (large tides needed for molecular evolution)
    Life is rare

    Life's genesis is rare
    Intelligence and tool-making is rare
    Language is unique mankind
    Technology and science is not inevitable "

    So see - that was c 'n' p'd - nothin' about the longer wavelengths of radio waves - I got this.

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