A notebook bulletin board
tacked on when randomly bored
applied thoughts in a scribblebook
open for the world to look who passes by
so fast to see like a needle in a haystack we
safely stash those innermost secrets thought to be
at least you see languishing up and into pristine
blossoms for you to pick and sniff and hope
they don't make you sick.


memo re-sent

What could be the mystery of life well put that question aside for one moment because nothing could be plainer than there being no question at all and we're here right now so even you can see there appears to be no mystery after all really when everything about you happens to be procreating since before ever we can remember which is to say building a bridge across time and space so let me ask you this in return what have you been doing lately as the world boils over around you?  (Waste no more time wondering upon the mystery of life my friend for there is no mystery to life that has arisen from the boundless depths of obscured wells any more than there is to the direction our lives take us which guided by the love and support of our family and friends just happens to be ever forward in building this bridge across time and space.)