A notebook bulletin board
tacked on when randomly bored
applied thoughts in a scribblebook
open for the world to look who passes by
so fast to see like a needle in a haystack we
safely stash those innermost secrets thought to be
at least you see languishing up and into pristine
blossoms for you to pick and sniff and hope
they don't make you sick.


Apotropaic Intonation

There is nothing corny at all about positive thinking. Its too bad people must figure that out for themselves. I like to think of the Devil as the embodiment of the negative-thinking meme. Call it chaos, reality, evil--whatever. Anyone can sit around providing proof there's no such thing as good or evil until the cows come home, but at the end of the day--someone has to know that evil is alive and well.

Let me put it to you this way. Sometimes things happen between us we'd rather not, such as disputes among family members and loved ones. We can choose to let fate work it out---stay out of it and let the gears of the reeling cosmos execute whatever justice it will. Sometimes I think that must be tempting to a lot of us. It is my belief that if we do that--then any of a billion equally terrifying fates potentially, and quite randomly, await us. I'd rather not place myself on the yawning altar of space as a piece of bait, like that.

Instead, I choose to wield some form of human moral code and interlock my shield with fellow soldiers to direct Hell itself (negative-thinking meme-pool) away from us--to re-direct its course--in another direction. To decant it back into the vacuum it came from. I believe if we do nothing, the dark side of the wild will seize the chance to take root---using our blood for its fertile soil--and our bodies as the clay pots.


And The Meek Shall Inherit The Bees

The over-productivity of the post-Industrial capitalist paradigm is reaching its critical mass breaking point. Feeling stifled under the crushing avalanche of environmental disasters, I begin to get an overall picture of what is going on, here. Take CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) for example. As the Old Business Paradigm surpasses its breaking point (due to Greedy Principles, short-sightedness, and the prioritization of short-term profiteering over long-term environmental compatibility), their businesses will Collapse: “Wide Scale Distribution Network Collapse Disorder”, I'll call it. As the old businesses scratch their heads in wonderment as to what happened (commercial beekeeping is the perfect example) and file for Chapter 11 one by one, the new paradigm of organic beekeepers (who have reported no loss of bees due to CCD) and local area networks of farmers, etc, will, naturally, step in to take their place. This is literally an example of the meek inheriting the earth. And it’s happening Right Now. I urge all my friends to meditate deeply on this and realize that through the power of positive thinking we can assist and help catapult this new holistic paradigm into supplanting the old Profiteering Business model. Remember: just when things begin to appear at their worst, humanity will be spurred on towards getting it together to work towards our own personal and collective best.

Please realize that negative thinking - (the bees are dying, the oceans are polluted, man’s inhumanity to man seems to be at an all time high, global warming trends are exacerbated by our incessant mass pollution, 3rd World Industrialization contributes more toxicity to the environment, children and women are not only still being sold into slavery - but slavery itself is historically at an all-time high now, the diversity of wild animal populations and habitats being pushed to the brink of extinction and over it, etc) - negative thinking only generates a whirlwind of more negative thinking, and that doesn’t help our situation at all, in fact it undermines the spirit of mankind, which is to bravely strive towards a conscientious and harmonious interdependence with our environment in order to pave the way for future generations to enjoy the opportunity to inherit a kind of heaven on earth. Let us all banish pessimism and hopelessness about these doomsday matters and start working hands-on towards establishing a positive ethic of symbiotic interdependence with each other and this singular planet we all share together. Grow your own garden. Keep bees. Buy or trade for only fresh, natural, locally–grown fruits, vegetables, and foods. If we all do this on an individual level, we will most certainly inherit this earth and be given a clean slate from which to start all over again. This is what is going on right now, so let’s get with the program and someday in the not-so-distant future we might be able to look back on the previous era of excess for exactly what it was: a phase we successfully put behind us once and for all.


American Hierocracy X

Once upon a time the dis-ease of a people
escaped for a spell the rule by the steeple;
but after fools have steeped in rule
for a couple centuries at least, soon enough
they acquire the taste for power of this beast.

It flowers up into their eyes until the day
comes they despise the rank and file below them,
considering themselves to have been lifted
up higher until comes the day they too wake up
afflicted with the disease of the steeple.

And so this serpent eats its tail because order
and chaos must each prevail at the expense of
mankind, ever chasing after as if there's
something to be acquired or to find
other than these diseases. There must be
Something up there this merry-go-round pleases.