A notebook bulletin board
tacked on when randomly bored
applied thoughts in a scribblebook
open for the world to look who passes by
so fast to see like a needle in a haystack we
safely stash those innermost secrets thought to be
at least you see languishing up and into pristine
blossoms for you to pick and sniff and hope
they don't make you sick.


passing the lie

God put Adam in his garden.
Adam said he was lonely.
The Lord broke his ribs.
He made a woman out of one,
"There, you have no reason to complain."
Oh but Adam did, because
he was still only talking to himself.
Now both Eve and Adam stared
forlorn toward God.
"And don't eat outta that Tree"
bang went the screen door.
And while Adam tried to "find himself"
in a corner, Eve turned to speak
with the garden snake
who flickered the secret to her
and the next day Eve brought Adam
a pomegranate and urged him
to go ahead and eat it because
the garden snake said it was okay.
They both looked at each other then
and smiling, Adam bit into that fruit.

-the moral of this story is-
(What they didn't tell you in Church
is that now we're even with God


  1. The only "knowledge" (or "gnosis")
    gained around the symbolic act of
    eating the Forbidden Fruit was
    that imparted by the garden snake
    to Eve, which in essence is
    the knowledge that one can choose
    to lay the blame on someone else--
    isn't that right, Lord?

    Is it in the passing of the lie
    in which the truth is carried on?

    Forgetting God, we are even with him. What happens should He remember us?


    Hence, it is the knowledge that one's individual/collective self has the right to freedom from oppression, be it foreign or familiar, by whatever means necessary. The knowledge YOU ARE FREE NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU. It is not hidden because it cannot be taken away. It is referred to as fruit because it is offered to us by nature. It is the one thing you are in control of that they are hopeless to interfere with no matter what extremes they may take.

    Rest assured with your eyes shut,
    your dreams aren't fake.

  2. i've been thinking about these things a lot lately... i'm going to keep thinking on them, and i appreciate the ideas your language provokes...