A notebook bulletin board
tacked on when randomly bored
applied thoughts in a scribblebook
open for the world to look who passes by
so fast to see like a needle in a haystack we
safely stash those innermost secrets thought to be
at least you see languishing up and into pristine
blossoms for you to pick and sniff and hope
they don't make you sick.


The Cosmic Serpent Train

the cosmic serpent train of thought
dreams a trigger deep inside
firing point blank at who we are
and freezing notions taught by rote
that cloud the mind in vapors numb
to the sensitive skin shed under the sun
and left as a clue for everyone to
show the nature of all is the same as one

by this i mean all that we dream
is essentially real and the pileup
of history a grave being dug with
the truth being busily swept under
the rug of our understandings from
people to cars and creation itself
while we hang out in bars may be a
self fulfilled prophecy under the stars

The exploration of the idea that our own imaginations and perceptions may in fact be, in the final analysis, the ultimate corrobarative source of knowledge in and of themselves, is one upon which I have only begun to embark. That is a way of stating that I do not rule out the speculative process itself as a potential avenue towards the ultimate truth (in fact I often wonder if indeed it may be the primary method at which to arrive there). Which is to say perhaps there is little to no distinction between what we are capable of imagining and our real environment. Wherein the "western, scientific" mind insists on due process & trial-and-error experimentation and ultimately a corrobarative verification of tangible proofs double-checked against the backdrop of a larger colony of individuals' acceptance (i.e, "consensual reality"), I (temporarily) eschew this in favor of a more esoteric approach to truth-gathering. I have a distinct reason for this, and it is simply that I feel the "reality" which is reflected back at the individual and formed from a collective approach -- the "news" you and I read every day in the papers and in history books, in other words -- is in fact the much blurred and distorted version of the intrinsic - and highly fantastic to our perceptions - truth of reality itself. What the general public of modern civilization construes as "real and actual events" may in fact appear as a mere reflective shadow thrown upon the backdrop of our minds,if you will: as distorted a version of the real truth as a sock puppet, in other words.

How have I come to this radical, and seemingly opposite way of approaching the perception of what we casually term "reality"-? It is quite simple, actually. I believe a re-examination of absolutely everything we perceive is necessary, and hence starting with how we perceive our own selves is as good an example as any with which I may illustrate my point. For instance, we perceive ourselves - that is, our individual selves - as being just that: individuals. Rarely (if ever) does it occur to us that we may be wrong about this supposition. What I have gleaned from my observations of nature and from having read extensively through various esoteric archives is simply that for starters, most if not all commonly known and accepted "explanations" of this reality we find ourselves in must in fact be discarded as insufficiently accurate, and (hopefully) replaced with more precise and realistic descriptions. Concepts such as the "soul" and "god" and "good" and "evil" and the "devil" and "heaven" and "hell" are by definition merely simulacrums that attempt to fill the voids wherein such realities actually dwell. I.E, they are merely words referring to realities whose detailed natures in fact demand far more precise descriptions and understandings. Even the word "universe", for instance, with its implicit monosyllabic inference (as opposed to "multiverse", for example) sets the stage - perhaps falsely - upon which we then proceed to build, from the bottom up, our entire language of understanding via this western-developed thought. In other words, one must suppose the distinct possibility that every shred of western knowledge gathered since the beginning may in fact be built upon fundamentally incorrect foundations. That is how I have come to perceive that not only might it be possible that there is no such thing as the "soul" at all (at least our popular conceptions of it), but rather - we who consider ourselves "individual" beings may in fact not be singular entities in the sense that we have been trained to think of throughout our lives; rather, perhaps our DNA itself is a seperate, living being in cohabitation with that aspect of us we might consider the "ego", for instance.

Considering this idea further, what if rather than a "soul" inhabiting our fleshly jackets (as we might suppose), we in fact were inhabited by a seperate (microscopic) being wound tightly throughout our own (macroscopic) being, in effect meaning that instead of each and every one of us being individuals, we in fact may be an amalgamation of two distinct beings coexisting in a necessary symbiosis, effectively making our "bodies" nothing but a kind of "spacetime craft" which these two entities cooperated, or perhaps even struggled against one another, in order to pilot through the planetary atmosphere, itself but a medium required to maintain this vessel we call the human body. Such a theory offers a veritable cornucopia of extraordinary explanation as to how and why human beings behave the way they do, and is but one such theory to be considered amidst many other subjectively realized theories that could be put forth to explain anything and everything. If someone is perplexed as to why I would choose to entertain notions such as these more seriously than the conventional notions explained by strictly specialized western approaches, one need look no further than the aforementioned observation that most, if not all, of our "western approach" to how the reality of nature actually functions seems largely based on crude and inherently false foundations. Hence all such commonly taught notions understood by western civilization become suspect by definition, for me.


Speaking Thusly

Will to truth we be led by our powers that be?
If the old sacred laws are first shattered by we,
then yes.

Will lies we be fed until buried we all be?
If we swallow them whole, hook, and sinker,
then absolutely.

Is this what is meant by our God being dead?
Indeed that is what the Resurrection said,
"I am the truth."

Now is the time for us to believe.
We are the way.  We are the light.
We are the free.

To be free is to be bound to the machinery
of creation and to have found it our home
and fortress.

Reality (the Prison) is our own creation.
We alone hold the keys to our escape,


[Notes On Writing]


The narrative is the final rendered product.
The same narrativeor passagemay be
written again many times and each time
may be improved irregardless of whether
certain sections are added or removed.

The point being that the final narrative

can only be enriched due to the process
of having the story told over and over.
In the end however it remains the same
Old story; i.e, Two brothers travel down a road.



The question of the origin of man is an interesting one because it is insane.

It is the wrong question.  Or rather, whilst a fine and noble effort on behalf of the questioner, little might he suspect that the "answer" lies in the knowledge that our minds and spirit are the entire universe.

Because that is what facing your soul gets you.  The realization that
there is no origin to mankind.  The universe is mankind.  Think about that.

Then be prepared to receive what thought is not prepared to think.

"Our entire universe is contained in the mind and the spirit" - Sasha Shulgin

"People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order 
to avoid facing their own souls."   -   Carl Jung

"Being prepared to receive what thought is not prepared to think
is what deserves the name of thinking."    -    Jean Francois Lyotard


Metaphor Itself

What is metaphor? If we look at the term closely, we see it's derived from the Latin metaphora, meaning "a transfer", indicating a figure of speech which denotes one idea in the place of another in order to illustrate their similarity and by virtue of the association implied, succeeding in getting the intended message across.

The roots of the word suggest a "carrying over" of an idea, a particularly fascinating concept as it just so happens to parallel the process of gaining knowledge. But where does knowledge come from? Strangely enough, the compounded term "meta-" ("over, across, after, behind, higher, beyond") + "-phor" ("being carried"), if translated literally, would roughly translate to "something being carried over (or across, after, behind, higher, or beyond)", and that something is always meaning, which is "the thing one intends to convey (usually via language)."

Tracing the etymological roots of the word meaning will pass us through a thicket of variants (from Old English m├Žnan "to mean, intend, signify; tell, say; complain, lament," through Old Irish "wish, desire" and Welsh "enjoyment" stemming most likely all the way back to the root "men-", meaning "think", from "mind", stemming from Old English "gemynd" which means "memory, remembrance, state of being remembered; thought, purpose; conscious mind, intellect, intention."

Metaphoric. Euphoria. To mind something (as a verb) rather than the mere objectification of the "mind" (as a noun) shows us a distinction in how we may regard the idea behind the term "mind". For being immersed within the forest of reason, we are most likely limited to choosing between which of the two modes of expression we intend, rather than backing our perspective away from our "rational thicket" and seeing the word MIND as being intended to convey both senses of the word simultaneously. It only takes a quick reminder that all matter and energy in the universe is in a constant state of motion and flux to easily see that existence itself is a verb (as well as an objectified noun).

Coming to our senses like this illustrates the inherent enjoyment of understanding that thinking with our minds necessarily entails. When we have immersed our thoughts this deep into the denoted essence behind all these terms—leading us straight back to the one we started with, "metaphor"—we are led along a series of analogies which, in a grand, unified chain linked by interconnective associations gradually reveals for us the real underlying significance behind it all.

We use metaphors so often in our daily conversation, that we've long since forgotten they don't so much represent a "symbol" by which we may begin to "compare reality to"; but rather, quite the opposite. The symbols (words) we glibly exchange in our daily speech among ourselves represent but shadows or reflections of reality. Therefore "reality" appears to be, in the overall scheme of things, nothing less than metaphor itself.


lesson #2

What is thought to be
agreed upon is always
different for those
in on the bargain.



I know you'll think I'm crazy but I'm here to tell you
There's no need to worry anymore about it
That whole end of the world nonsense
From the Rapture to 2012 and who knows
When it'll end (paranoid mindset we'd all
Comfortably settled into) it don't matter
Anyhow either way what you think
Because the world ended already
Not that long ago actually
As the detritus settles
To complete itself the
Sentence falls apart.

Heed the Titanic.

Higher than a long beach kite.
Farther and clearer than the sky.
Blue as a lightning rod at midnight.
Orange as the hue in a lantern's smile.
Combine the two and what is it you'll find.
The Electronic Revolution is for all mankind.
The old Middle Masters put on the endangered.
Listing port side while the world gains equilibrium.


Showdown At The NOT-OK Corral

In his latest novel Everything Is Broken, veteran writer John Shirley returns to a territory I believe his legion of readers could all benefit from were he to revisit it more often: the setting of the real world. Having cut his teeth on practically every genre out there, (most notably helping to pioneer both the splatter- and cyberpunk movements, as well as carry on the horror tradition with great finesse in the novels In Darkness Waiting, Wetbones, and Demons, just to name a few), it's been a full decade since 2002's Spider Moon (another slim hard boiled yarn that packs a real wallop), a novella about street revenge set in our real world. In my opinion, reality is the setting this author knows best, and he applies all his skills toward rendering the fictional town of Freedom, California in an easy to read and believable manner, due largely to its well-sketched out characters which most of us can relate to. Suffice it to say this story is a lean, sharp, shock of a tale that does not pull its punches nor hold back from keeping the reader pinned to his seat through its relentless conclusion. There is real human tragedy and drama here to keep most anyone entertained. Folks concerned with realism take note, you may rest assured that the passages concerning shootouts and gunplay are among the finest I've ever had the pleasure to read, myself. A real treat for virtually any reader, I heartily recommend Everything Is Broken as an energetic and vibrant portrait of exactly why we have an American society in the first place. Read it on your Kindle (I did) or order the book directly, either way this is a book you'll want to pass on to a friend, after you've finished it, which will most likely be in one sitting. Pure satisfaction on a variety of levels, this author is among our nation's very best, and if you doubt that go ahead and read this novel--I dare you.


my interview with a vampire

me: I won't kill you if you don't attack me, deal?

me: Are you really dead?

me: Who did this to you?

me The mirror thing. True or False?

me: Do you regret becoming a vampire?

me: Could you subsist off coconut milk instead?

me: Then why don't you live in the tropics?

me: Oh I didn't realize that. Which tropical area
features the highest vampire population?

me: on a scale of 1-10, how does coconut milk
compare with fresh human blood?

me: Interesting . . .



You know what it is. We get carried away with words.
I mean to say that, when we think the words in a story
are just "to make something up", we have entirely forgotten
that is what what words were made for in the first place.
Because life is really what cannot be described.



Thinking of it in a positive way, the GOP is like the Wicked Witch of the West and they've already shrunken down to the size of a measly puddle our president Barack H. Obama might put his cigar out in. The problem with that shrinking puddle, is it's made of such volatile stuff, that any pre-celebratory sparks that might fall off such a cigar, would surely blow us all to Kingdom Come.