A notebook bulletin board
tacked on when randomly bored
applied thoughts in a scribblebook
open for the world to look who passes by
so fast to see like a needle in a haystack we
safely stash those innermost secrets thought to be
at least you see languishing up and into pristine
blossoms for you to pick and sniff and hope
they don't make you sick.


2 questions, 1 answer

Is the ultimate wisdom . . .
that knowledge is an illusion?
Or is it to question this?

1 comment:

  1. To fail to acknowledge the relativity of reality
    Is to invite it to slap you in the face.
    Just because you thought it up
    Doesn't make it any less real.

    There's a saying soon to arrive
    In the historical archive
    "You're only as real as you let yourself"
    (Oh, and many more to come before we're done)